The Diary of a Young Girl


"I'll make my voice heard, I'll go out into the world and work for mankind!”

Picture this for me:
Picture waking up confined every day. 
Confined to your room.
Confined to staying put when you want to play.
Confined to silence when you want to be heard.

What if I told you a little girl whose voice was confined to a whisper seventy years ago is heard louder than ever to this day?

I met that little girl today. 
Her name is Anne. 
She had every reason to play it safe but went out into the world. She had every excuse to stay quiet yet chose to speak up. She had every opportunity to lay her pen to rest but wrote, and wrote, and wrote - working every day for mankind.

Now, do me a favor and picture this. 
Picture waking up every day with freedom.
Freedom to go out into the world.
Freedom to work for mankind.
Freedom to make your voice heard.
You don’t have to picture this. You live it.

If a fourteen-year-old living in confinement could change the world. Why can’t you? 
Go out into the world.
Go out and work for mankind.
Go out and make your voice heard.